About the Author

With 20 years as a licensed real estate advisor in Florida and ten years as a broker, Reinaldo Gonzalez has become a powerful force in the real estate industry. As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Reinaldo has aided the success of many ventures and facilitated numerous businesses' development, growth, and prosperity.

As the head of InvesTeam Realty in South Florida, Reinaldo is a true professional, constantly devoted to helping real estate agents build and grow their careers. By insightful planning, executing effective systems, and offering reliable support for team members, Reinaldo has contributed to the success of many real estate agents in the area.

Evidence of Reinaldo's vast knowledge and experience in the real estate business shines through in the more than 3,000 transactions and over $1 billion in real estate sales he has generated since he first achieved licensing as a real estate advisor. Reinaldo sets a high bar for achievement to those who follow in his footsteps through his work with residential and commercial resales, leases, short sales, foreclosures, and new construction real estate.

Yet, Reinaldo's mission has always been one of empowerment. With an intense focus on helping clients and real estate agents accomplish their goals, Reinaldo has bettered people's lives throughout Florida and beyond its borders. Committed to providing the ultimate customer experience and all the tools for promising careers in real estate, Reinaldo has developed a broad network of grateful customers and agents alike who look to him for support, guidance, and service.

Being an avid proponent of continued education, Reinaldo has made ongoing learning an integral element in the company's sales force activities. Reinaldo holds the same high standards for himself and has completed the most prestigious and essential certifications and designations offered by the National Association of Realtors and others. He has earned the following certifications and designations and continues to pursue continued education:

  • ABR: Accredited Buyer's Representative.

  • AHWD: At Home With Diversity Certification.

  • BPOR: Broker Price Opinion Resource.

  • CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist.

  • CRB: Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager.

  • CRETS: Certified Real Estate Team Specialist.

  • CRS: Certified Residential Specialist.

  • e-PRO: Social Media and Electronic Marketing Specialist.

  • GREEN: NAR GREEN Resource Council Designation.

  • MRP: Military Relocation Professional.

  • PSA: Pricing Strategist Adviser.

  • RENE: Real Estate Negotiation Expert.

  • RSPS: Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist.

  • SFR: Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource.

  • SRS: Seller Representative Specialist.

  • SRES: Seniors Real Estate Specialist.

With his qualifications, skills, and experience, Reinaldo is, without a doubt, an authority in the real estate industry who understands what clients and real estate agents need and want.


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